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anime foot kiss
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Wonder Woman : When Queen Atomia's court is first seen one of her subjects is just rising from kneeling at her feet to do this. Gahan Wilson once drew a cartoon for The New Yorker which depicts a psychiatrist kissing his male patient's foot, while the patient growls "Doctor, this is not helping my messiah complex! In chapter 91 of Code:Breaker , the main character Ogami defeats his self-proclaimed nemesis Haruto the Mercenary. I kiss his dirty shoe, and from heart-string I love the lovely bully. Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter!

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She also tortured him enough to where he's euphoric about this.

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I Kiss Your Foot

She eventually she made him lick her foot in order for him to get some red vines from her. From Russia with Love - Red Grant is enough of a psycho sadist that merely killing Bond wouldn't be enough: The first shot won't kill you. It's implied that he submits, though isn't shown onscreen.

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