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kadath yiff
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And of course, by pledging to my page you are agreeing to be over the age of 18! Updates will include page sketches and inks, and highres files, depending on your reward tier. Please note that this is a monthly patreon. This is to prevent potential 'pledge-and-run' abusers. The highest reward tier also gets to vote on creative choices, get PSDs of completed work, and will receive special thanks on the completed comic. Comic pages and illustrations may be censored on the activity feed, but you will receive the uncensored works for the month your payment goes through. I also post personal and commissioned art in here.

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Aimee. Age: 32.
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That means that I will be waiting until payments are processed at the beginning of each month before sending out completed comic pages and rewards.

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Stephanie. Age: 27.
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This patreon is primarily about supporting the creation of comics. I wanted to find a way to spend more time working on comics in a consistent and financially stable manner, while also finding fun and rewarding ways to interact and give back to my supporters. Please note that this is a monthly patreon. Can I cancel my pledge any time?

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