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Thank you for pointing out how different I am. Her brassy, bold self is woven into Tuca. The birds are best friends in their 30s — a theme Hanawalt felt needed more exploration. The existing adult animations out there — Family Guy , Archer , The Simpsons — are driven by men behind the scenes and male protagonists on the screens. So when her own show got a green light, she deliberately focused on a female perspective, and gave both sides of her personality a character. There's a surreality to the world. That's a comfortable way to start a meeting.

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To create that connection, Hanawalt is at the center of all the decisions on this show, from the overarching vision down to the sly jokes.

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3D Animations

Amy Winfrey, who directs several Tuca episodes, says she feels the benefits of a diverse room in how the show is made — the creators being "open to suggestions from everybody just in trying to get the best show possible" — and editor Molly Yahr says it shows up in the finished product. That this is an animated show allows Hanawalt and her team to embrace her unique sensibility. It involves absurdist humor and This surreal world starring women of color and created by a woman showrunner marks a first.

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