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You holed yourself up in your small cottage on the edge of the mountain, the same as you would during any other heat. He stood up immediately, eyes staring you down as with a look of bewilderment. You rose quickly and followed the sent until it led you to your front door. Originally posted by jamesvega. You felt your walls tremble around his manhood, clinging to his incredible length.

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He continued to fill you, inch by inch, picking up his speed until eventually he was pounding into you with incredible strength.

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Juliana. Age: 29.
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You had no choice but to take care of yourself. The feeling of him filling you was intoxicating. The sight of his large ebony pectorals flexing with each motion was absolutely enthralling to you. He seemed to care less for your presence until he took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of your growing heat.

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