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He didn't want to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. Though she was definitely glad the dog ended up raping her dad, too! She was crawling towards the doorway, but the beast was holding her tightly, holding her down, pumping his hips at her butt. Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Both Jessi and the dog tried to break free from each other as Bob walked further down the hall, but the result was just more cum leaking out of Jessi's hole.

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When she stepped out of the bathroom, she cried out as she felt McGee suddenly jump up on top of her, nearly knocking her over.

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The animal's prickhead was as hard as a bone! Jessi cried out as she felt the dog cock begin to erupt inside of her pussyhole. McGee whined, pulling Jessi toward the doorway.

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