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Paul Ewart Ribersborg bath house. Nobody wants to see your sweaty bum print ingrained on the wooden bench after you leave. What better place to break my naked sauna virginity? Hesitating for a few seconds before throwing myself into the open sea where I instantly feel a surge of adrenaline. Battling trepidation, I head into the changing rooms where I coyly shed my clothes. Sweden's third-largest city, Malmo is home to Scandinavia's tallest building, beautiful parks, edgy contemporary museums, and what is renowned as one of the finest 'kallbadhus' bath houses in the country. While being naked isn't strictly enforced, it is expected and wearing clothing in the sauna is considered unhygienic.

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Welcome to the world of naked saunas.

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Holding my towel over my nether regions I walk towards the saunas. After poaching myself to the point of fainting, I stumble out onto the open deck and walk towards the end of the deck where the grey, ocean laps ominously. I've baked in the buff and bared my bum to the world…and I like it. Admittedly in this sauna it's a mixed bag with more than a few bums and bellies that have seen better days.

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