Asian poison fish

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Many TV shows and nature guides have been dedicated to educating the public on the most poisonous and venomous spiders, snakes and even frogs, but what about fish? Unlike spiders or snakes, we rarely hear about which fish are the most poisonous or venomous. This week we are dedicating our blog post to these hazardous fish.

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Milky carp soup [Photo provided to China Daily]. In the Unites States, you can now enjoy a high-quality, palatable invasive fish without remorse because you are helping save the environment. Several states in the Midwest are encouraging people to eat Asian Carp to protect the ecosystems of rivers and lakes.

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Gamagori city in Japan was put on alert this week after toxic fish went on sale in a local supermarket. Pufferfish are considered a delicacy in Japan, often eaten raw as sashimi or cooked in soups. But if the fish are not carefully prepared they can be deadly.

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Illinois and federal officials announced plans Wednesday to again dump fish poison into a Chicago -area waterway to help them determine whether the invasive Asian carp has come any closer to the Great Lakes. Meanwhile, a bipartisan group of about a dozen lawmakers from Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin continued to pressure congressional leaders to bring up for quick action their legislative proposal that would force the closure of locks between the waterway and Lake Michigan. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich.

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Fugu can be lethally poisonous due to its tetrodotoxin ; and, it must be carefully prepared to remove toxic parts and to avoid contaminating the meat. The restaurant preparation of fugu is strictly controlled by law in Japan and several other countries, and only chefs who have qualified after three or more years of rigorous training are allowed to prepare the fish. Fugu is served as sashimi and chirinabe.

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A pound bighead carp, caught Monday in the St. Croix River near Prescott, Wis. Paul on Wednesday April 20,

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Tetrodotoxin is a powerful nerve toxin times more poisonous than cyanide. When consumed it can shut down organs in the human body, leading to a zombie-like state of paralysis and eventual death by asphyxiation. It's also found in one of the most famous foods in Japanese cuisine: The puffer fish, served as fugu, an expensive sashimi dish.

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There are several practical reasons people cook fish before eating it, rather than simply serving it raw. Nevertheless, some people prefer the texture and taste of raw fish. It is especially popular in Japan as part of dishes like sushi and sashimi. A parasite is a plant or animal that feeds off another living organism, known as the host, without offering any benefits in return.

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Enter your username or email address and click on the generate button. Zebra Surgeon fish This fish lives in the shallow waters of coral reefs, and feeds mainly on algae. It owes its name to its erectile spine, cutting like a scalpel and extremely venomous, located at the base of its caudal fin.

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So consider fugu, but poison-free. Thanks to advances in fugu research and farming, Japanese fish farmers are now mass-producing fugu as harmless as goldfish. But what could be seen as potential good news for gourmands has instead been grounds for controversy: powerful interests in the fugu industry, playing on lingering safety fears, are fighting to keep the ban on fugu livers even from poison-free fish. Acting as a giant clearinghouse, this port city in southwestern Japan buys fugu from all over Japan and China, guts it and expertly removes its poison before shipping it throughout Japan and as far as New York.