Chromatic licks

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In the text, these notes will be highlighted in red. These types of chromatic Mixolydian lines are most commonly found in jazz and country styles, as well as modern blues. However, in the hands of adventurous players like Steve Morse, John Petrucci, Scott Henderson, Carl Verheyen, and others, these sounds are just as useful in rock-edged styles.

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As you can see below the chromatic scale starting on C has no intervals larger than a semi-tone. You also need to know that there are different ways to spell the same pitch, C can be D b or D can be E b. What you will call that pitch really depends on the situation.

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Improvising with arpeggios is a great way to dig into chord changes, bringing out the exact sound of each chord in your lines. While scales and modes are great for outlining keys and creating modal colors, when you want to sound each chord in a progression, arpeggios are the way to go. While they are great for outlining chord changes, arpeggios can often become boring or predictable when you overuse them in a solo.

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Chick Corea is one of the most influential and important pianists in modern music. His influences run from bebop and European classical music to Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, Flamenco, funk, and beyond, but his pianistic language has a certain signature. Here are 10 licks in the style of Chick that will elevate your own piano explorations. Remember to use small ideas to make your own big ideas.

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The perfect place to create, share and discover music! Rifftime is a social media experience built for those who love music and also create it. Build a profile of your music so others can listen and share.

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I could go on and on about this topic, but before I continue, stop here and take a quick watch through the beginning of the linked video. Story time: You may recall an article that I wrote a little while ago that discussed how you can create endless guitar phrases only using the pentatonic scale. It was here that I introduced the idea of "sequences".

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Forum Active Topics Search Help. When it comes to fast licks and runs I just can't seem to do them. If I am incapable of doing them should I just give up now?

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The common denominator among these three licks is that they all have a bit of a chromatic flavor to them. You can find a great collection of jam tracks here. Watch on Youtube. This is the kind of lesson I really enjoyed watching.

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To start off my weekly lick series I'm going to show you a cool lick that uses 6th's. Very useful in Blues, Country, Rock and everything inbetween. Start by checking out thYour Weekly Guitare scale played in 6ths, then add in the chromatic notes when the shape is the same.

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