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But it's a flawed strategy. As a result, any and all claims of abuse will be thoroughly investigated by the court. So even though plenty of parents try it, making false allegations in an attempt to win child custody rarely pays off.

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It is easy to accuse someone of child molestation or rape, and once the accusation is made the damage is done. We see false accusations in these cases against our clients on a regular basis, and we understand the dynamics that often lead to these accusations being made. For example, you have been going through a long, drawn-out child custody battle with your spouse.

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A false allegation of child sexual abuse is an accusation that a person committed one or more acts of child sexual abuse when in reality there was no perpetration of abuse by the accused person as alleged. Such accusations can be brought by the alleged victim, or by another person on the alleged victim's behalf. Of the allegations determined to be false, only a small portion originated with the child, the studies showed; most false allegations originated with an adult bringing the accusations on behalf of a child, and of those, a large majority occurred in the context of divorce and child-custody battles. Another possible motive is revenge by the person making the allegation against the accused person.

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This was asked time and time again during the recent public furore around sexual harassmentviolence and abuse. Underlying the question is a persistent uncertainty about the credibility of victims — a concern with identifying what is true and what is false. As women speak out, some have been met with explicit counter accusations that their descriptions are untrue.

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These are external links and will open in a new window. A convicted paedophile has been found guilty of making false allegations of murder and child sexual abuse against a string of public figures. Carl Beech, 51, from Gloucester, was found guilty of 12 counts of perverting the course of justice and one of fraud.

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By Lauren BaldwinContributing Author. If you have children, or live, work or have contact with children, it is possible though statically quite unlikely that, at some point, you might be falsely accused of child molestation or other sexually inappropriate behavior with a child. False accusations can occur in divorce and custody cases, daycare and babysitting scenarios, in teacher-student or coaching relationships, in families, among friends and neighbors, and between strangers.

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Call Now for a Free Consultation: False allegations tarnish reputations, end businesses, complicate relationships and often lead to jail time. False accusations occur almost every single day, but when they involve sex, it can lead to extreme repercussions, including prison time, sex offender registration and other hefty penalties. Prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a sex crime was committedwhich can be difficult, especially if the only evidence is a story.

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Protesters rally in front of the Supreme Court while demonstrating against the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the court on September 24th,in Washington, D. All eyes have been on Washington, D. Kavanaugh denies that he was involved in the abuse the women described.

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Child molestation is a very serious sex crime that can expose a defendant to extended jail time and a lifetime of stigma. The Department of Justice defines child molestation as contacts or interactions such as inappropriate physical contact between a child and adult where the child is used for the sexual stimulation of the perpetrator. Allegations of child molestation are taken very seriously by law enforcement, but they must also be treated carefully, since the justice system must aim to balance the protection of children with the vindication of those who are wrongly accused.


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