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Libertarians: You are both hypocritical morons. One, Hannah wanted the site closed and she is supposedly not coming back. Now this year, I learned the [Backstory] on this song, thanks to AJ bringing it up again on his show. Sure, maybe you get lucky in life and never need a gun, but the same can be said for a fire extinguisher, emergency first-aid kit, the tool to break a car window and cut the seat belt, etc. Let me see if I can express just how much that pisses me off. Now the [Fans] have been kind, generous and all around great, but her

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Gun Rights Are Women's Rights!

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Wendy. Age: 23.
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You are complicit, if you choose to ignore all of the evil in the world for the sake of your own happiness. I am not a Mens Rights Activist, since it is just as inherently divisive as Feminism, but they do have many valid points. Please keep it over there in your sandbox.

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