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This said woman ruined a once a good gaming website with her massive ego and yet you've got these imbeciles kissing her ass and saying how great she is without telling anybody what good she's ever done. It just bothers me how wimpy some men are, that they spend all day buttering up women online in hopes of maybe getting lucky instead of going out in the world and looking for love. Why are so many men today afraid of talking to women in the flesh these days?

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And after spending many sleepless nights mulling over this question, I finally have a conclusive theory to present to you. In Part 1, I will dissect the theory and hopefully with your help, we can figure out how to deal with this issue in Part 2. I think that young adults today, both men and women 25 to 40, for sake of argument are more selfish, flighty and privileged than any previous generation.

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If you have ever wanted to try it out or are just curious about the schematics of toe sucking, here are some things to know. Armie Hammer was a trending topic a few weeks ago when he posted a video of his son sucking on his toeswhich was ew but not necessarily sexual. While still married to but separated from Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson made headlines when photos of her getting her toes sucked by her businessman boy toy John Bryan on vacay leaked.

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Dressing for the weather. Wearing shorts when it's 40 degrees out is uncomfortable and all I want in life is for you to finally admit that. Taking up the appropriate amount of space. Manspreading is a public transit epidemic that needs to be eradicated.

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And I am not just making that up. I have it on good authority. My guy friend and I were having a conversation about online dating the other day.

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There's a stereotype out there that women are, in general, better multitaskers than men. Any mother can probably tell you how that belief got started But while the double burden of home and work responsibilities might force women to multitask, new research pokes a gigantic hole in the story that they're actually somehow better at it.

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There's a reason guys prefer fading away to facing reality. Jake enlightens us—and makes things easier. In every relationship there is a moment when you must decide whether it's serious or not.

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They always seem to go for the assholes and douchebags. Do I have to be an asshole to get someone to date me and be in a relationship? This is one of the most common questions I get from geeks. They choose men based on attraction.

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Sadly, life keeps throwing me examples of guys that not only are total douchebags and losers. They take advantage of unsuspecting romantics. Guys may act all innocent but they know how to play the game a whole lot better than us.

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Once upon a time, I made a pretty convincing straight girl. I dated only men until I was In my experience, none of that was true, but there was one clear trend I encountered — consistently — in my relationships with men that made me thankful I was no longer dating them. My experiences dating men fell into a specific pattern.


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