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Melissa McCarthy is "The Boss" at the box office now. McCarthy's win wasn't a total knockout. The Warner Bros.

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Updated: September 5, am. Harington, who played Jon Snow throughout the show's eight-year run, has spoken openly in the past about his struggles dealing with fame, and the emotional adjustment he was forced to make after the conclusion of the hit series. The year-old Harington told Variety earlier this year that he sought therapy in his 20s.

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The kid and I loved it! She has 4 million Twitter followers so what? How many of those live in her district?

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Kylie Jenner see-through pictures from V Magazine September Those have been doctored, but who cares. Honest question, though, was she always this freaking busty?

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The "city" may be the most important location of Sex and the City, but the closets come in a close second. Learn all of the show's wardrobe secrets with the show's fashion stylist Patricia Field. Plus, more from the red carpet!

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More thanpeople have signed a petition urging the South African government to deny entry to celebrity animal hunter Melissa Bachman after a photo of her posing with a slain lion sparked outrage among animal rights advocates. The photo prompted Cape Town resident Elan Burman to launch a petition on change. Thousands of people from around the world have shown their support since the petition was launched on November

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