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The perfect gift for your friend whose perhaps had one too many sips of the Kool-Aid, the Barack Obama dildo yes, you read that right is seven and a half inches tall and two inches wide and comes in blue. Obviously unsettling, if only because those ears stick out, out know? Whereas, Bush, Cheney and company have been screwing us ans the nation full time sans condom or lubricant for the past 8 years.

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Write to Katy Steinmetz at katy. He also says that he supports affirmative action for gays and lesbians. Ina copy of his typed responses was unearthed and printed in the Windy City Times.

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The President makes sexual health a priority in his latest budget release. President Obama may be in the home stretch of his presidency, but he's not done working yet. Today, POTUS announced that the government will no longer fund "abstinence only" sex education, and channeled the funds to a more comprehensive type of sex ed instead. Of course, the proposed budget is still up for Congressional debate.

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Remember all the times you looked at Michelle Obama and wondered what she was really thinking? Good news: Her much-anticipated memoir, Becomingcomes out today—and it confirms what we've long suspected: that Michelle is an actual human being who isn't so different from those of us who are still waiting for our invitation to Carpool Karaoke. Consider the following:.

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Barack Obama may have stepped out of the spotlight since his presidential term came to an end in Octoberbut the former world leader has far from put his feet up. As a public figure and advocate for world change, he continues to tour the globe meeting young, influential campaigners who hope to make a difference to the status quo. Earlier this month, Obama visited Africa for the first time since leaving office.

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Federal prosecutors in Manhattan charged Mr. The indictment in Manhattan could prompt a moment of reckoning for the Justice Department, which for years has wrestled with accusations that it mishandled the earlier case and has faced a barrage of litigation from Mr. In February, the Justice Department opened its own internal review into the matter.

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It will certainly go down in record books with events like Stonewall as an important milestone in the equal-rights movement. Having a President, especially this President, take a strong moral stand in favor of rights for gays will help the country complete its own evolution on the issue and lead to a day where, once again, our understanding of American freedom will have been expanded. Clearly, until today, the President had been making a political calculation—one that had outlived its usefulness.

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Fleshjacka gay sex toy manufacturer as well as an account called StudJulian are both followed by the news outlet and the former President. It is also worth noting that most political figures have staffers manage their Social Media accounts. This presents a seeming conflict of interest where both the media and government are concerned.

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Now, Penn has added yet another unique job to his CV, taking on the role of TV host and touring a dildo factory as part of a documentary about the inequities of capitalism. The sex toy production line is just one of the stops he makes in This Giant Beast That Is The Global Economy, an Amazon docu-comedy series that sees him delve into the darkest corners of finance, learning the easiest way to launder money and how to establish a shell company. The one sympathetic multi-millionaire he meets is the owner of the dildo factory, the only employer who shows any interest in the welfare of his workers. Rather than raging or weeping with despair, the show maintains a tone of bemused curiosity.


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