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The Little Death, the directorial debut of Australian actor Josh Lawson, is a kinky comedy that takes a concept specific by nature sexual fetishes and plays it as broadly as possible. Comprising a handful of separate plot lines connected only by theme and a loose sense of setting — couples on the same street indulging in various erotic fantasies — the film is relatively experimental in its structure but conditioned like a sitcom. The characters are all middle class, the comedy routines have obvious points of inflexion, there is never very long between set-up and pay-off, and interpersonal relationships feel cutesy despite the salacious subject matter.

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January 4, Rush Eby. Chapter 1.

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Anasteemaphilia Arousal to a person of extreme stature, either giant or dwarf. Autoplushophilia Arousal to oneself dressed as a giant cartoon-like stuffed animal. Fetishism Arousal to objects that have been in physical contact with desired person.

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The Economist this week has an article and data showing the folly of the popular affection for small companies. Much of the logic applies to charities too. And yet donors of all types often prefer small charities. Caroline has a letter in The Economist about this.

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Jump to navigation. Subscribe today! This perception of our bodies had been news to me some 15 years ago, when I visited a friend at his MIT frat house.

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One of the Internet's lesser-known fetishes is "small penis humiliation," also known as SPH. Small penis humiliation is a sexual practice and fantasy for men who enjoy being shamed for the length and girth of their genitals. The SPH community includes men of diverse ages, sexual orientations, socioeconomic levels, races, and personalities.

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When fetish first appeared in English in the early 17th century, it referred to objects often amulets believed by certain West Africans to have supernatural powers. During the 19th century, the word took on a broader meaning: "an object of irrational devotion or reverence. By the early 20th century, fetish took on yet another meaning quite distinct from its antecedents: a sexualized desire for an object such as a shoe or for a body part that is not directly related to the reproductive act such as an earlobe.

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Macrophilia is a fascination with or a sexual fantasy involving giants, more commonly expressed as giantesses female giants. Although macrophilia literally translates to simply a "lover of large," [1] in the context of a sexual fantasy, it is used to mean someone who is attracted to beings larger than themselves. Generally, the interest differs between people, and depends on gender and sexual orientation.

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For the purpose of this subreddit, 5'7'' and less is considered "short" for men, and 5'3'' and below is "short" for women. However, everyone is welcome ; we don't care as long as you're polite, respectful and a positive member of our community. How to use 'flair' on this subreddit.

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Verified by Psychology Today. I was asked earlier this week to write an article for another venue about a sexual fetish formerly unknown to me: claustrophilia, an extreme form of bondage whose adherents are aroused by total encasement in tight spaces such as boxes, bags, cages, caskets, and car trunks. During the ongoing inquest into the mysterious death of British superspy Gareth Williamswhose corpse was found padlocked inside a duffel bag in his apartment two years ago, it was proposed that Williams' might been murdered but might also have been engaging in a claustrophilia session that went haywire.


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