George w. bushs propsal on gay marriages

Mark Memmott. George H. Bush and his wife Barbara were among the guests last weekend at the marriage of two female friends in Maine.

In an announcement fraught with social, legal and political implications, Mr. Bush urged Congress to act on the amendment quickly and send it on to the state legislatures. Quick action is essential, he said, to bring clarity to the law and protect husband-and-wife marriages from a few "activist judges.

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President George W. Bush cautioned against criticizing gay couples, saying in an interview on "This Week" that you shouldn't criticize others "until you've examined your own heart. Bush had waded into the revitalized same-sex marriage debate last week - if only barely - in a comment to a reporter in Zambia, who asked whether gay marriage conflicts with Christian values.

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President George H. Thursday, Sep. Bush at the wedding ceremony.

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Bush took the stage in a small-town school gym in Indiana. It was October 28, right before the midterm elections, and Levine was a year-old White House advance aide. The flags hung just so, the big presidential seal on the podium.

President George W. Bush reportedly sought to officiate a same-sex wedding in Photo public domain.

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People ought to be free to enter into any kind of relationship they want to. Bush backs a constitutional amendment prohibiting gay marriage, a move Cheney says was prompted by various judicial rulings, including the action in Massachusetts that made gay marriage legal. For many pro-family voters, protecting traditional marriage ranks ahead of the economy and job creation as a campaign issue.

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Bush was an official witness at the same-sex wedding of two longtime friends, his spokesman said. Thorgalsen posted a photo on her Facebook page showing Bush signing the marriage license as a witness. In the photo, Bush is seated in a wheelchair, a stack of papers on his lap and his left hand poised with a pen.

President George H. Bush speaks at the National Press Club on Jan. Washington Blade archive photo by Doug Hinckle.


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