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Ahhh Cardi! Turn around, fuck it all the way up Bust it down, turn around Fuck it all the way up Bust it down, turn around Fuck it, look. Let's get it straight, girl You don't need a nigga for nothin' Lookin' better every day You got that Benjamin Button Claimin' he don't got a girl You know niggas be frontin' You don't need no bitch comin' up To you as a woman ayy And you a boss, so you hate When niggas waste time ayy You too pretty to be paused On the FaceTime ayy Damn, I'm just statin' the facts You hate that like you hate When niggas tell you: Relax What the fuck you mean Relax?

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Cut my ties with my people, now my grandfather poppin' Ran it up, all by myself though, now they never gon' stop me And I see they say I flop though yeah, yeah In my head I know what I know Oh, and I said I count fifties, all in hundreds, that's that time flow baby I say stop it, no comparisons on that time now baby And, oh yeah, I cannot keep it off my mind Now, oh yeah, they cannot seem to keep up now I been hidin' from attention on the rise I didn't respond and now they see me on the rise I got some sense up in my head now I'm on my shit and I'm not scared now. Slander my name, I ain't do shit to nobody Relationship goes to the ones with the problems She wanted space and she got it Talk about babies, only got these children I ain't want no part and I swear ain't killed em' Gave her my love, now she say she don't feel me And I been betrayed, it ain't no forgiving. Tryna do better, they know that I'm wit' it I kill ever nigga, I listen to critics I see what they sayin' and I know I'm not trippin' How the fuck can you just put me in that position They postin' that shit, tryna send me to prison How the fuck do I supposed to take care of my children I be flippin' that money, it stack to the ceiling Why the fuck should I care and I know that I'm with it?

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Comittee baby Iconz, "Street Money", y'all ready? C'mon If you smoke weed now In this bitch hit you all wit a clown Got a drink that you can't put down? When a fight, will the shit go down?

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According to the Notorious B. Since its inception, rap has always had money on its collective mind. And those who do have it will brag about it—especially if they just got it. But what might sound like flaunting and taunting on the surface is also a celebration of a success against the odds.

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Or browse results titled :. Streaming and Download help. DEMO by G.

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Moderator Overview Albums 43 Lyrics Unfortunately we don't have the lyrics for the song "Fuck Niggas" yet. We have added the song to our site without lyrics so that you can listen to it and tell others what you think of it.

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Post a Comment. Fuck Niggas Intro lyrics - Chief Keef. Sosa, BANG OBlock OTF Hit A nigga up I don't give a fuck I do drugs till I'm dead O'Block Wic City bitch Middle Fingers to shondale Chief keef I go nuts in a fast car doing doughnuts Shoot a nigga up then so what That's what he get for being so tough Run up on him Put the gun up on him Act pussy niggas whats to you bitch Change his mind like 4 ways Like a flat tire he need a fix Hit a name off me you need it bitch Goddamn i hate a conceited bitch Ima shoot the clip till its empty bitch Disrespect my bro gods Got one lung I smoke alot of kush And why I don't know god I got alot of niggas with alot of guns That will use them then so god Then so god Kush smell like piss and rubber Know I'm bout my bands We rob who we shop with Don't give a fuck it ain't my mans Talking hoes niggas I keep that Kush nigga, I weep that You holding and we see that?

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This song is by The-Dreamfeatures Pharrell and appears on the album Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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Become a translator Request new lyrics translation. Login Registration Sign In. Artist: 50 Cent Translations: Turkish.

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Him a fuck nigga, him a fuck nigga I don't fuck with niggas, so it's fuck niggas Knife on the chopper, it might cut niggas Cuz my ride on Forgiatos, said she love a nigga Said she don't fuck with fuck niggas, fuck niggas, fuck niggas Fuck niggas, fuck niggas, fuck niggas, fuck niggas Shootin' at the fuck niggas, shootin' clubs nigga Pull up on you nigga, you gon' lose a lotta niggas Fuck nigga. Knockin' at my door nigga What the fuck you want nigga? We got lots of guns nigga I don't think you want a war nigga We got lots of funds nigga Hollow case in your nigga And I found the snitcher Paid a thousand just to kick it These Giuseppe's, bitch no Jordan's Balenciaga's, you can't afford it Bitch my house is so enormous She gave me top, and her face gorgeous They don't like that new Sosa I still got my tool on me Make it do what it do homie Make you lose your shoes homie. Fuck nigga, what nigga, wassup nigga My youngins still come out the cut nigga Fredo still up in the cut nigga Tadoe still shootin' up clubs nigga And them my bloods nigga For them poppin' guns nigga For them you done nigga Better not catch ya, no slippin' Paid a thousand for some slippers That bitch like, "why?


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