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It's no secret that the Rock's dedication to fitness puts him on another level than most mortal men. However, the difference between you and him may not only extend to physical dimensions, but also the mental willingness to leave everything in the gym. And we mean "everything" because, as a recent Instagram post reveals, the Rock isn't afraid to pee in a water bottle at the gym when nature calls.

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During the 17th century, for instance, German alchemist Hennig Brand thought that urine, because it's the general color of gold, might also have some gold in it. So he collected 1, gallons of urine—which he may have gotten from his wife and her friends, or possibly from the German Army, nobody is entirely sure—and then boiled it down to "the consistency of honey," according to his notes, hoping it would reveal itself as gold. No such luck.

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August 6, pm Updated August 7, am. Maybe you had one too many coffeesor gulped down half a gallon of water after your morning workout. Finally, you get to the toilet — you can let go!

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Objects can be a real pearl on the shores of history of science. Telescopes and steam engines still figure prominently in our field, and rightfully so. But besides microscopes and machines I would argue that some artisan objects and ordinary materials deserve similar attention.

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If you thought Bohemian Rhapsody was wild, then you need to check out The Dirtthe latest rock band biopic that just premiered on Netflix. The book which is supposedly all true, as unbelievable as it seems boasts some of the grittiest and most disturbing tales of drugs, alcohol, and groupies that you could imagine — for instance, Vince Neil really did crash his carand believe it or not, Nikki Sixx's overdose was even worse than the movie portrays. But here's one thing that people seriously can't believe is true: did Ozzy Osbourne really drink Nikki Sixx's urine?

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Please note that this site uses cookies to personalise content and adverts, to provide social media features, and to analyse web traffic. Click here for more information. Wife: "I just got stung by a jellyfish.

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Peeing outdoors is as simple as finding a secluded spot and popping a squat, right? Theoretically, sure—but in reality, everything from uneven terrain to tight hip flexors can throw you off your game and, as a result, your The mechanics of relieving yourself in the great outdoors can be challenging if you struggle with mobility and flexibility, like most modern desk jockeys do, or if you have a hard time staying steady on your feet.

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Have you wondered what scuba divers do when they have to pee while diving? When I did Open Water Course, the basic certification in scuba diving, I knew about some of the things that no one tells. But I did not account for an important one — the urge to pee. Over the years, I had managed enough no-place-to-pee situations.

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There was a time when certain bodily functions were off-limits in polite conversation. But we've become a society that reads "Everybody Poops" to their children. The "pee tape" factors in the political dialogue.

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Childhood is filled with seemingly arbitrary rules about what to eat, when to sleep and how to behave. Add to that the trials, taboos and dirty tricks common to public swimming pools, and you have a recipe for some micturition mischief. Of course, they dispense a lot of questionable and outright false lore along the way, which is why we remain convinced that Little Mikey from the Life cereal commercials died from mixing Pop Rocks and Coke, or that Ring Around the Rosie contains references to the Black Plague. The legend that public swimming pools contain a chemical that blooms purple or red when someone pees in the water is tailor-made for kids, to whom any technology involving embarrassment sounds plausible, especially coming from an adult.


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