How to tell the sex between guinie pigs

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As much as absurd it sounds, many Guinea pig owners talk about Guinea pigs changing their genders. So, can guinea pigs change genders? However, it is possible for male Guinea pigs to retract their testicles, making them look like the female Guinea pigs.

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Guinea pigs are social pets and are therefore best kept in groups of two or more. This enables them to express their natural behaviour, and allows for all of their social needs to be met. Introducing them is also a gradual process, which should be done in various stages.

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Although there are no fixed rules, you should take into account not only the sex of the guinea pigs but also their individual characters. However, the most important factor is the kind of habitat you provide for them. If they are kept in an unsuitable environment, and there is too little to keep them occupied, even the most mild-mannered guinea pigs will develop aggressive behaviours.

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Knowing how to properly sex guinea pigs is KEY to preventing unwanted and unexpected pregnancies. Sexing can be done at any age. If babies are sexed very early, it is best to confirm the sex at about two weeks. Boars MUST be separated from their mother at 3 to 4 weeks weeks if they are normal and healthy, 4 weeks only if they need an extra health boost and are showing no signs of mounting behavior.

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Many pet owners have difficulty determining the sex of their guinea pig, especially in newborn guinea pigs. To determine the sex of a guinea pig, hold it firmly around the chest and shoulders and place it on its back or rump on a flat surface so the stomach and genital areas are facing you. Next, locate the anus, which is a gray or brown vertical opening, and the genitals will be right above the anus.

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In several rodent species, an increase or recovery of sexual behavior can be observed when sexually satiated males are placed in contact with a novel mate. In order to assess the influence of female novelty on the courtship behavior of guinea pigs Cavia porcellusfour adult males were observed during four daily min sessions while interacting with the same pregnant female same-female sessions. A new female was presented during the fifth session switched-female session.

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Guinea pigs are growing in popularity as pets and we are starting to see more and more of them come through our clinics. They can make fantastic pets and are full of personality, however do require more care than many people think. We get lots of questions about guinea pig reproduction and desexing so I thought I would cover some of our more frequently asked questions today.

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Left together in a single cage, a sexually mature male and female guinea pig can produce up to six offspring in just a matter of months. Looking at your cavies' genitals is the most reliable way to tell the difference between the boys and girls, as calls and behaviors between the sexes are very similar. If your pigs are young, undeveloped genitalia can make it difficult to tell them apart just by looking.

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Many owners of guinea pigs also called cavies find it very difficult to determine the gender or sex of their rodent pets, particularly newborn guinea pigs, and often need their veterinarian to sex their guinea pigs for them. But sexing guinea pigs is actually easy when you know how. This page contains everything you, the pet owner, need to know about sexing guinea pigs guinea pig gender determination.

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Are you positive about the sex of your guinea pig??? If you have more than one and plan on housing them together, ensuring that both pigs are the same sex will avoid the many pitfalls and risks associated with pregnancy. Should you determine you have a male and female, separate them immediately whether you suspect the female is pregnant or not.


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