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Star delights. Counterclockwise from bottom: Researchers have spotted three baby stars at the center of the Milky Way, discovered a large molecular cloud that they believe will turn into a massive star, and watched a red supergiant, Be. Scientists are learning a lot more about how nearby suns form--and how they die.

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By James Titcomb. A "supergiant" gas field holding the equivalent of 5. Italian oil group Eni, which announced the discovery on Sundaysaid the find was enough to supply Egypt with gas for decades, in a major boost to the country's struggling economy.

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Stars are the most widely recognized astronomical objects, and represent the most fundamental building blocks of galaxies. The age, distribution, and composition of the stars in a galaxy trace the history, dynamics, and evolution of that galaxy. Moreover, stars are responsible for the manufacture and distribution of heavy elements such as carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen, and their characteristics are intimately tied to the characteristics of the planetary systems that may coalesce about them.

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Astronomers have released a new image of the outer atmosphere of Betelgeuse — one of the nearest red supergiants to Earth — revealing the detailed structure of the matter being thrown off the star. Betelgeuse is easily visible to the unaided eye as the bright, red star on the shoulder of Orion the Hunter. The star itself is huge — 1, times larger than our Sun — but at a distance of about light years it still appears as a tiny dot in the sky, so special techniques combining telescopes in arrays are required to see details of the star and the region around it.

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In recent years, the sheer volume of VCs getting into the market has exploded. And the volumes of capital being thrown around are getting bigger. Much bigger.

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In they agreed to quit their job, move into the same house, and begin to work on a new game together. At that time, they had also hired musician Darren Korb for audio and music work. They also used a number of freelancer programmers and developers they could call on for help at various times during the development of this first game.

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A yellow supergiant star is a stargenerally of spectral type F or G, having a supergiant luminosity class e. Ia or Ib. They are stars that have evolved away from the main sequenceexpanding and becoming more luminous.

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This is often expressed as the Series A crunch. So with venture funding at an all-time high, along with increased growth in supergiant roundsnow seems like an appropriate time to conduct this kind of review. Given that data at this stage can be added long after the round took place, we assess there could be a 20 percentage-point relative increase in compared to


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