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This is a weekly feature in which I and maybe you, too, readers detail the various reasons for hating your ballpark. A barbaric yawp over the retractable rooftop: You'll hear time and again that Safeco Field, which is less a stadium than something Boeing forgot to pack up when it skipped town, is "the best of the retractable-roof ballparks. But do they?

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It suggested the taxpaying public will be in this racket forever. It was about an effort by the various pro teams, which at that time included the basketball Sonics, to extend their public subsidies forever in what would amount to a permanent sports-stadium fund. That idea was, as you might imagine, about as popular as the Seahawks offensive line.

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User Name Remember Me? Safeco insurance? I've been insurance shopping, for two homes and four vehicles. Safeco has quoted me rates substantially below my present carrier, as well as much lower than others I've looked at.

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My experience with SAFECO insurance company has been that it unethically denies claims in order to meet their bottom line. I was hit by a driver insured through SAFECO, and from the very moment that I contacted them they attempted to manipulate the situation. First, they only wanted me to go to have my car checked out by one of their auto body repair shops, and when we informed them that this was illegal, the troubles just kept coming.

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I had a deer jump out in front of my car which crushed the hood and grille and pushed it in about 12 inches. Safeco was my insurance company. Yes, yes it could have been repaired because I've had a very similar accident repaired and I spent 3 years in auto mechanics.

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I can not say enough awful things about this Safeco. I file a claim because an old man sideswipes my car door while I am sitting in my car turned off parallel parked in a residential area. I think to myself this will be a piece of cake, I wasn't even driving and this man recklessly drove into me there's no question here, right? Safeco gives me the run around and passes me off to about 6 of their miserable employees within 2 days.

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It was shot down. It would be taken from the hotel-motel tax, funds that were meant to be allocated to affordable housing, the arts, and tourism. Last week the letters broadcasting "Safeco Field" to the world came down.

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Safeco is now part of Liberty Mutual Insurance. For up to date information and jobs, please see the Liberty Mutual Insurance profile. Directors show little interest in their direct reports.


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