White spots on breasts

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A white spot on the nipple may also be referred to as a blocked nipple pore, a bleb or a milk blister. It is usually about the size of a pin-head or a little larger. The 'white' spot may not be white in colour - it may be more of a pink or light yellow colour.

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Andie is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Lactation Consultant, and Certified Personal Trainer who thinks of nutrition counseling as equal parts science and sensitivity. She specializes in lactation, sports nutrition, exercise fitness, and weight loss programs. Plugged nipple pores, milk blisters and blebs are closely related issues with the same manifestation — a painful white or clear or yellow bump on the nipple that looks a lot like a pimple.

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With the controversy surrounding no make-up selfies to raise breast cancer awarenessknowing which symptoms to look out for is crucial. Most women know that lumps are a key sign of breast cancer. However, despite this important indicator, lumps may not be evident during the initial phases of cancer.

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Lumps get most of the attention when you think about the symptoms of breast cancer. If you do find one, don't panic— some women's breasts happen to be lumpy without it being a sign of cancer. But there are other breast cancer signs you should know, too.

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And these are the most effective ways to catch the disease early. But breast cancer doesn't have to start as a lump, and mammograms cannot detect all breast tumors. Any changes in your breast can be caused by cancer, and there are a number of uncommon, yet important, signs of breast cancer that are worth knowing.

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If you have started to develop patches of skin on your body that appear either lighter or darker than your normal skin colour, you may well be suffering from pityriasis versicolor. The patches might feel scaly to touch and may start joining up to form larger blotches. While the appearance of these patches can be alarming, there is no need to worry — pityriasis versicolor is harmless.

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A radiologist will look at your mammogram. Radiologists are doctors who diagnose diseases and injuries using imaging tests such as x-rays. When possible, the doctor reading your mammogram will compare it to your old mammograms. This can help show if any findings are new, or if they were already there on previous mammograms.

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EVER looked down and noticed spots on your boobs? But if you start to noticed more drastic changes in your breast, like continuous spots, a change in colour or lumps, then you need to see a doctor straight away. The most serious reason you might notice spots on your boobs is breast cancer - and requires immediate attention.

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Keep reading to learn more about what may be causing white spots to appear on your nipple and when you should see your doctor. When you breastfeed your baby, milk flows out of your nipples through openings called pores. Sometimes a clump of hardened milk can clog up a nipple pore. This is called a milk bleb or blocked nipple pore.


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