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Boy, are some folks pissed. You would think that Apple finally giving some very expensive love to its MacBook Pro line-up would give some relief to power-hungry professionals, but no. Here's a quick bit of background if you don't obsessively scan the tech blogs: Apple updated its MacBook Pro line yesterday.

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The only business model for Apple is narcissism. Its true. There are only 2 types of people that buy a Mac:.

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Just over four years ago, Apple unveiled a new Mac Pro that it swore would reinvent the concept of a workstation. The new system was definitely daring — it ditched internal expansion for six Thunderbolt 2 ports and told users with internal hard drives to buy new external chassis and use those instead. Given that these are GCN 1.

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I used to be hardcore windows guy Then 10 years ago I got a mac. I never went back.

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Read on for what I've settled on, or discuss on HN. On the developer side? Bloomberg reported in late that Apple had dismantled the Mac teamrolling it into the iOS team, and it shows.

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Every serious or even casual gamer knows that when it comes to a choice between a Mac or PC computerthere's no question PCs are the better gaming machines. Not only that, but these days most games are designed for PCs, which makes playing them on Macs even more undesirable. But things haven't always been this way.

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When PCs came along, they were great. I actually had to type stuff for anything to happen. On Windows 3.

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I love macOS with so much of my heart. Using Windows or even Linux feels painful in contrast to a well-designed operating system. You bet I do. As much as we hate to admit it, it seems Apple is starting to lose its verve.

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This post rounds up some of my thoughts, hopefully to help promote discussion and encourage some much-needed improvement. I used Windows from around toand continue using emulated versions of the various Windows incarnations. So I have plenty of experience using that nightmare of an operating system.

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Yes I am very late to this. Truly, madly, deeply. Reader, there is nothing remotely beautiful and butterfly-esque about the experience of depressing these keys. Scattershot staccato clattering, as your fingers are simultaneously sucked in and involuntarily hammer out a grapeshot of key strikes, is what actually happens.


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