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Calling all YouPorn watchers! Two California men, David Pitner and Jared Reagan, have filed a class-action lawsuit over the site's practice of "history sniffing," or checking out other porn websites that visitors have been to through exploiting a Javascript security flaw. The practice works through checking whether your browser registers certain links as previously visited, by seeing if they are assigned the color "purple" -- that nifty change of color that tells you that you've already clicked on a link.

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As an experienced porn star, Clayra Beau had done rough sex shoots before. Use your imagination. The sadistic style of porn is seriously popular, with a Google search bringing up page after page of offensively named sites — like Gagging Bitch — dedicated to displaying the brutal clips.

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And they are! Girls Do Porn, which launched in and currently hosts videos, seems curated for guys who are fed up with the phony stuff—an audience that dreams of fucking the hot chick from high school that got away rather than some fake-breasted Pamela Anderson disciple. The typical Girls Do Porn video begins with a sexy young girl in a cute outfit, sitting, somewhat demurely, atop a bed.

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New York officials on Thursday filed a new motion to dismiss President Trump's legal challenge to the state's law that allows Congress to request his New York tax returns. In the new document, the officials argue that Trump's amended complaint in the case doesn't change their position that the case shouldn't take place in Washington, D. New York Gov. He's been more focused on trying to get Trump's federal tax returns from the IRS.

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Want to read Slashdot from your mobile device? Point it at m. So, it's like this: Tommy Lee is driving the BangBus down the interstate, picking up every hooker and frat boy he sees.

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Attorney John Steele is currently suing approximately 20, Internet users. He has filed over of these suits, and says he is currently suing approximately 20, people. The tactic is similar to the one employed by the recording industry years ago to sue people who were amassing huge music libraries through peer-to-peer sharing rather than buying CDs.

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Can porn be copyrighted? Should she succeed with her case, the adult entertainment industry would essentially cease to exist. Giving them those rights but not copyright protection would seem like an incongruous way to try and reverse all previous gains.

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In a trial that began on Aug. The ads turned out to be from producers behind a website called Girls Do Porn, who were seeking women to make so-called amateur porn, a style in which fresh-faced new actresses are often paired with seasoned male performers. The trial could last a month, but no matter its outcome it will provide a rare look into a part of the industry that remains shrouded in mystery — often intentionally, by its makers. Respondents to the Craigslist ads said they were directed to innocuous websites, with pictures of clothed women, that asked for their contact information and photographs.

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Almost two dozen women say they were tricked into appearing in pornographic videos on the prominent porn site GirlsDoPorn. They sued the owner of the site, Michael Pratt, for fraud in The trial began in mid-August and is expected to run for more than a month.

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Casting couch site Girels Do Porn dot come is facing a multi muillion dollar lawsuit for shady business practices involving deception filed by over a dozen girls similar to the scenario portrayed in Hot Girls Wanted. In light of the allegations, the suit poignantly offers cautionary warning to all adult filmmakers using amateur talent to seriously review protocols, forms and all other dealings. Each of the women claim in a lawsuit filed at San Diego Superior Court that they answered ads posted on Craigslist. The women, ranging from agemostly flew to San Diego from their hometowns in the U.


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