Asian educational system

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A new study has cast doubt on the current enthusiasm in the west for copying teaching methods in China and South Koreawhere children score highly in international tests, suggesting that cultural factors beyond school also play a part in their success. Politicians and policymakers from the west, where children gain lower marks, are avidly studying the education systems of those countries that regularly top the Pisa international league tables in the hope of emulating their achievement. But a new study from the Institute of Education IoE at the University of London concludes that the children of immigrants from these countries when educated elsewhere continue to score just as highly within no-better-than-average school systems.

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Republish our articles for free, online or in print, under Creative Commons licence. The results speak for themselves. And the gap between these countries and the rest of the world is getting wider.

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China has a long tradition of respect for education. In fact, there is much societal and family pressure to do well academically. This has fostered education reform throughout history at many levels.

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Most of us will have had it drilled into us by our parents while growing up. What if your education is nothing more than a postcode lottery? There are few regions of the world where this is truer than Southeast Asia — home to some of the starkest contrasts in educational quality on the planet. According to the latest Programme for International Student Assessment Pisa rankingsthe region has an incredibly broad range of educational standards, from the very best in the world to some of the worst.

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Asian economies have experienced exceptional economic growth in recent decades. In the sphere of education, certain Asian countries have recently been ranked top in international surveys such as PISA. As a consequence, Asia is receiving increasing attention.

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Everywhere I go these days it seems I'm faced with the same question: what is wrong with America's education system? The query is usually followed with a defining statement that Asian students are 'kicking our butts' on the international exams. The good news is, at least people in America are paying more attention to the global landscape.

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Previously, I have discussed the ideal school, teaching abroad, and how meeting different cultures enriches us and changes our perspective on education, particularly education in the United States. Previous articles have inspired me to discuss the differences in the education experience of Asian countries and that of America. Here are 10 key difference that I've found:.

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A decade of comparative education research suggests why American students aren't holding their own. The average score was What score do you think your child would get? The averages given by the fathers of children at grades 1, 3, and 5 were much above the hypothetical average of

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The earliest evidence can be traced back to the time of John Locke, who believes that our minds are blank slates and only experience can write override it. Despite the main focus of the issue being how environment transact to influence development, psychologists today continue to argue on the issue of nature vs nurture. Intelligence is more of a concept.

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Over recent years, other countries' positions have gone up and down in the tables but East Asian education - which includes China, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan - continues to dominate. The reasons why East Asian countries are way ahead of the pack as far as education is concerned has long been debated - but it essentially seems to come down to the following four factors. An elementary school boy holds a Japanese traditional calculating tool called the soroban abacus during a soroban competition in English, in Tokyo March 1,


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