Curious boys tumblr

curious boys tumblr
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Bakugou was all about showing and not telling. Someone was walking by his side. He was an easily distracted guy! Rifts—man, he hates these things. Of Ghosts and other Inaccurate Things by chezka A week before the sports festival found Bakugou walking back home in the late afternoon, sunset light making his scowl even more menacing and drawing a long shadow right in front of him.

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Raven. Age: 28.
curious boys tumblr

That night, to the citizens, the explosions were a jolt of fear at every blast, but to the heroes and the students of UA, they were punches and swings, fierce fighting and loud strength.

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Colette. Age: 20.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Kirishima has been enamoured with the boy next door since he met him deep in the woods by his house as a kid. He swallowed another mouthful of saliva. Or: Kirishima is a dragon, and Bakugo seeks shelter in his lair.

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