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Gastrointestinal perforation GP occurs when a hole forms all the way through the stomach, large bowel, or small intestine. It can be due to a number of different diseases, including appendicitis and diverticulitis. It can also be the result of trauma, such as a knife wound or gunshot wound.

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Gastrointestinal perforationalso known as ruptured bowelis a hole in the wall of part of the gastrointestinal tract. The cause can include trauma such as from a knife wound, eating a sharp object, or a medical procedure such as colonoscopybowel obstruction such as from a volvuluscolon canceror diverticulitisstomach ulcersischemic boweland a number of infections including C. Perforation anywhere along the gastrointestinal tract typically requires emergency surgery in the form of an exploratory laparotomy.

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Perforation of the small intestine or the large intestine is a serious and potentially fatal complication of inflammatory bowel disease IBD. A perforated bowel is a surgical emergency and needs immediate treatment to prevent further complications such as infection or even death. A perforated bowel is a hole in the wall of the intestine which can occur for a variety of reasons.

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Peritonitis is inflammation of the peritoneum — a silk-like membrane that lines your inner abdominal wall and covers the organs within your abdomen — that is usually due to a bacterial or fungal infection. Peritonitis can result from any rupture perforation in your abdomen, or as a complication of other medical conditions. Peritonitis requires prompt medical attention to fight the infection and, if necessary, to treat any underlying medical conditions.

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See hospital and staff awards. Winchester Hospital was the first community hospital in the state to achieve Magnet designation, recognition for nursing excellence. Learn why.

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The large bowel see illustrationalso called the large intestine, is the last part of your digestive tract, helping transport waste to be eliminated. It includes your colon and rectum. Digested food enters your large bowel as liquid.

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Most gastrointestinal stromal tumors GISTs occur in the stomach or small intestine. These tumors often grow into the empty space inside the gastrointestinal GI tract, so they might not cause symptoms right away unless they are in a certain location or reach a certain size. Small tumors might not cause any symptoms and may be found accidentally when the doctor is looking for some other problem.

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NCBI Bookshelf. Mark W. Jones ; Christopher P. Authors Mark W.

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The small intestine and colon are components of your digestive tract, which processes the foods you eat. The intestines extract nutrients from the foods. What isn't absorbed by the intestines continues along the digestive tract and is expelled as stool during a bowel movement.

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Spontaneous free perforation of the small intestine is uncommon, especially if there is no prior history of visceral trauma. In addition, free perforation may be the initial clinical presentation of an occult intestinal disorder, such as a lymphoma complicating celiac disease, causing diffuse peritonitis and an acute abdomen. Initial diagnosis of the precise cause may be difficult, but now has been aided by computerized tomographic imaging.


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