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Stripped of her clothes, she is placed in a jail cell where she later awakens to find Natsu alongside her. Pulling the crystal from her bag, Lisanna is shocked when Yuri suddenly opens his eyes, jerks upright and points to the Lacrima, smashing it in her hands from across the room. In Edolas, she changed her stamp to white and it is now located on her left thigh. The three siblings then make their way home with the clock piece in hand. She and Mirajane later presumably see the warning signal that Erza launches to issue the warning of enemies.

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Lisanna then expresses her shock at hearing Lucy invite Flare to join Fairy Tail.

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Lisanna and Happy find Wendy and Carla besides a bush and take her to a hospital where she is taken care of. Eventually, the returning Dragons regroup near the befuddled Mages, Lisanna standing next to the others as the Dragons commend them for their efforts and reveal that their time on Earth Land will soon come to an end. Her hair was also worn shorter than it was in Earth Land.

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