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Tumblr user Mamaern, in a much-reblogged post , writes,. The thought of adding something as permanent as marriage to my life right now—even a long-term relationship—seems alien to me. That the abuses of marriage have disproportionately affected women is not lost on me. I totally understand why people get married young. Knowing this, then, establishing young marriage as a norm or as a beneficial thing is dangerous, both because of the divorce rate amongst young couples and the effects that divorce has on people. I want to slap the bitches just to knock some sense into them. I was totally dependent on my parents throughout high school and the years prior to that.

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Annabella. Age: 22.
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I will be 21 when Nick and I get married.

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Jaylin. Age: 22.
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The fact that it is a popular thing in our culture to speak of marriage and singlehood as existing within a realm of a party shows how poorly people my age are equipped to deal with either one. What is the world coming to? In the first hyperlinked article in the above passage, it is noted that in areas where divorce rates are dropping, there is a correlation between that drop and people waiting longer to get married.

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