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The mile-high club is slang for the people who have had sexual intercourse on board an aircraft in flight. An alleged explanation for wanting to perform the act is the supposed vibration of the plane. Some say they have fantasies about pilots or flight attendantsor a fetish about planes themselves.

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Considering how few of us actually join it, the mile high club has a pretty outsized space in the popular imagination. Maybe it's dignity, or fear, or one of those other impulses that keep our society as we know it intact, but most people simply choose not to have intercourse while tens of thousands of feet above the Earth. And then there are these two.

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A COUPLE emerged from a passenger jet loo where they had joined the mile high club to a round of applause from the flight crew — and a bottle of bubbly. The mystery duo — who had met on the flight — sneaked off to the toilet together to seal their new found love. A flight attendant from Sydney, Australia, who witnessed the scene, said the woman "looked embarrassed" while her lover was worried they would be told off.

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My girlfriend wanted to go flying with me. I just completed my instrument rating and it was going to be our first date in the plane. Well she looked smoking hot when i picked her up. She had light colored slacks and a new silky blouse.

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Technically you don't have to be in an airplane to achieve this. Just go into the bathroom at a Denver Broncos home game and sex it up. Hey I'll be right back.

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There are some titles you earn that nobody can ever take away: Marine. And, of course, card-carrying member of the Mile High Club. You will own everybody at "Never Have I Ever.

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Nearly a third of those who had already enjoyed sex on a plane hooked up with a complete stranger. We got told off by the airline staff for snogging too racily. I was headed to Borneo, he was moving back to Australia.

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Skip navigation! Traveling on an airplane is almost comically unsexy. The air pressure in the cabin dries out your skin to an uncomfortable degree. There's no leg room, even when you pay for more of it.

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And sure, these things always happen behind closed doors. But in a post age, in planes filled with seemingly insurmountable surveillance and judgmental aircrew and pervy spectators with camera phones, how does anyone actually pull it off? With this question in mind, we asked a few self-reported Mile High Club inductees to tell us their tales, in detail.

Many stop themselves over fear of getting caught - but for others that's exactly why they daringly tried to become a member - so what is it? It's thought the plane's vibration speeds up and increases arousal - putting people in the mood for sex during the flight. Others say it's purely the thrill of getting or caught or because they have fantasies about pilots of flight attendants.


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