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Main article: Infinite Crisis. The circle was intended as a nod to convention without being conventional. Kara's father discovers that Krypton is about to explode, and places her in a spacecraft directed towards the Earth. Retrieved February 4, Ultraman , masquerading as Kal-El and working in concert with the Saturn Queen , has taken control of the bottle city.

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During an adventure with the JSA, she meets Arion, who reveals her Atlantean heritage to be a lie he concocted at the behest of Power Girl's "mother".

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Power Girl

Staying out of action in order avoid another possession, she helps Mr. As the biological cousin of Superman, Power Girl exhibits all of the classic Kryptonian powers: super strength; flight; super speed; invulnerability; x-ray, telescopic, microscopic and heat vision; freeze breath; and super-hearing. Power Girl briefly appears in the Final Crisis crossover event, battling the forces of Darkseid after he conquers the Earth using the Anti-Life Equation. The character did not receive her own self-titled series until the Power Girl miniseries of

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