Sex of an iguana

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What are the differences between male and female iguanas? Visually determining the sex of an iguana is only possible once it has reached sexual maturity, usually at around two years old. Males are larger, grow bumps on their head, and have a large dewlap.

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It is not absolutely necessary to know the gender of your pet iguana, but it certainly can be useful when you are planning for how to care for your pet. Knowing your iguana's gender can enable you to provide better, gender-specific care for your pet as well as prevent unwanted breeding from occurring if you have multiple iguanas. Your veterinarian can probe your iguana's cloacal vent to determine whether your pet is a boy or a girl.

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This article will introduce you to iguanas and answer the most common questions. We will discuss where iguanas come from, how long they live, if they are aggressive or venomous and so on. Then, we will talk about choosing and buying your iguana and how to bring it home on the first day. Green iguanas are arboreal lizards, which means that they live on trees in tropics and subtropics.

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While the other articles on my Behavior, Breeding, and Reproduction page go into things like the meaning of head-bobs, male breeding season aggression, and the female's cycle of egg development and laying, this article will fill in some of the blanks and tie together information scattered throughout several articles. Onset of Sexual Maturity Iguanas in the wild - and healthy iguanas in captivity - will attain sexual maturity at about 18 months of age. If you got your iguana as a hatchling about 2.

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Sexing An Iguana: Male vs. Female - One of the most common questions new iguana owners have is, "How can I tell what sex my iguana is? Juveniles of both sexes look alike and will not show any secondary sexual characteristics until they reach maturity.

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Sooner or later every iguana owner wants to know what gender their little green baby belongs to. The confusion either clears up or they find they are the owner of Androgynous Iguana! Many iguana care books provide drawings or photographs of the femoral pores -- a line of dots tracing along the upper inside of the thighs.

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It can be very difficult to determine the sex of an iguana until it is at least one year old, and even then, some igs are still hard to sex accurately. Once your ig is about a year old, male sexual characteristics begin to become more prominent. The jowls begin to develop and the femoral pores will begin to enlarge and may develop a waxy substance.

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I was wondering if you'd be able to sex it from any pictures that I send. I am not one hundred percent sure on the gender. As the person that I got it from didn't even know.


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