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These tips are a good jumping off point, but like everything in sex, communication is key. You don't need your tonsils working the head when the guy's skin will provide all the friction it needs. You should be pulling it over and then pulling it back. It feels like masturbating and that makes me want to cum," Adam says. And remember: practice makes perfect, you slut. Not only the length of the dong, but the size of the foreskin, too.

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sucking uncut dicks

Now, if you really want to go for the chrome medal you know, as in sucking it off a bumper Manny has a recommendation that is really complicated but absolutely amazing.

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Apparently this a go-to for any self-respecting foreskin pleasure-r. The typical response from a cocksucker who isn't used to having some extra dick slack is to Thermalift that shit by just pulling the foreskin back and pretending like it's not there. It doesn't feel like anything if you're just sucking the skin over the head.

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