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Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. Learn more. The vulva has both keratinized and nonkeratinized epithelium.

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Like every other part of your body, every vagina and vulva is different but this page will tell you a bit more about them, what they are for and how they generally work. Although most people tend to say vagina rather than vulva, the vagina is actually the muscular tube which leads from the cervix the opening of the womb to the vulva. As part of your vulva you have two sets of labia — the outer labia and the inner labia.

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She brought together a diverse team of people with a shared vision to bring the idea of Viva La Vulva into reality. Have you ever gone to the doctor and had a question regarding sex and your lady parts but was too afraid to ask. Well, you are in the right place!!!

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Skip to site alert. Skip to content. Vulvar cancer is a malignancy that can occur on any part of the external organs, but most often affects the labia majora or labia minora. Cancer of the vulva is a rare disease, which accounts for 0.

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I'm very concerned about the prospect of vaginal spas coming to the high street in the UK. Skip navigation! As the plethora of wacky treatments and products available to "cure" vaginal ailments — from painful sex and tightness to dryness and incontinence — continues to expand, there are signs that women's vaginas are in the firing line of a new potentially dangerous trend: "vaginal spas".

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It ain't vandalism. The statue of one of history's supposedly most prude monarchs, which has been standing there since Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee ingot an x-rated makeover as a statement about the "male-dominated" art world. I've got to redress the balance.

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Source: Imgur. Source: Flickr - Photo Sharing! Can a vagina be too big for a penis?

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Disclaimer: this health information is for educational purposes only. You, the reader, assume full responsibility for how you choose to use it. Vaginal Symptoms Is this your child's symptom?

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Alongside photographs of external genitalia was first-person testimony from the subjects pictured. Suddenly, social media was abuzz with vulva and vagina chat as women came forward to chastise Bullen for his mistake. Gleefully, they rushed to let him know that the vagina is the muscular tube that connects the vaginal opening to the cervix — whereas the vulva is the external genitalia, including the labia, the clitoris and the vaginal and urethral openings.

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The skin-care innovation has taken over the Internet—warranting chatter from everyone from Allure to the New York Times and us, of course. The idea is simple: Slap a sheet mask on your face, and let it do its skin-refreshing thing. But Refinery29 writer Alix Tunell takes her skincare regimen a step further, regularly putting a sheet mask on her vulva to prevent irritation after shaving and waxing. She says she treats herself to a luxurious vulva sheet mask session after grooming every now and then, and she suggests you do the same.


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