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You were only about feet away when you sensed it — the presence of an Alpha, more specially a very familiar alpha. He stood up slowly, revealing he was only in black Boxers. Your argument with yoongi fading your mind as you focused on nothing but the nature around you. Barnaby: Giggles to himself at first because MC is making a weird sleeping face … then blushes when MC starts looking kinda cute…in a fluster, pushes MC off and watching in horror as MC hits the desk face first. Rowan: Immediately wakes up MC and force them to continue studying because their homework depended on it and homework determines their gradesandgradesleadtoabetterFuturrwithmoreopportunitiesand-!

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Elizabeth. Age: 23.
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You felt exhilarated, at home even.

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Lena. Age: 20.
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Most recent Most popular Most recent. Instead of bowing down to his feet and clinging to him you gave him the cold shoulder right back. You shot forward in your chair, sputtering and coughing because the orange juice went down the wrong way.

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