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Maybe in the 80s it was a huge deal but honestly, if you're looking for Steampunk and want to use this as your introduction, don't. What really irked me about this book was the complete disdain for the laws of physics. Infernal Devices is a great example of swiftly-paced, lightweight entertainment. What A lot of imagination went into this book, but not enough discipline or storytelling craft. Not only that, Jeter then rushes headlong into wrapping the whole thing up in just a few pages -- goodbye detailed descriptions! I read the whole book in one sitting because it managed to keep my attention throughout. What kind of "twist" is that?

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Kyra. Age: 25.
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My dilemma is that while I didn't really like it, per se, I didn't actively dislike it, which is what I usually use 1-stars for, but I didn't like it, either.

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Remington. Age: 24.
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Plus the characters are just unbelievably one dimensional, and their dialogue is bad. The Good : There were some cool ideas here, and the Victorian setting is a firm favourite of mine. For this reason it reminds me a lot of Wells and Verne, more so Verne, maybe, for the sheer grandiosity of imagination here. When it happens to Bertie Wooster, it's funny, because Bertie at least tries to act on his own initiative, but George is just as dumb as a bag of hammers.

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