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Picture that happening the entire time, but with the chair you're having sex on. They're a great place to have sex when you can't get to a bed, or when there are no beds because they are banned in a dystopian future where sleep is illegal. It's way too easy to have this thing clamp shut on fingers or testicles. You feel important having sex in this chair. If you weren't so distracted, you'd realize you've basically rolled off the beanbag and onto the floor now anyway. It's nothing fancy, but it's reliable, like a barstool should be. This one sounds great in theory, but it's like trying to walk across an ice rink in flippers.

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It's like a Sleep Number bed for your genitals.

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Rocking Chair Porn Videos

No matter what your situation, it's handy to know which chairs are posture-supporting boning machines and when they're just an injury waiting to happen. You might not get splinters in your ass, but you'll wind up with bruises everywhere. Every time you get some momentum going, you just wind up rolling into the wall or down the stairs.

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