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And mostly because of naughty fanfiction, oops. His work ethic was good, you knew that much but you had no idea how and what exactly he was doing. Warnings: Heartbreak, angst, and smut….. Steve smirked, popping the button of his jeans open and dragging the zipper down slowly. Mostly because Billy usually won. EXO exo fanfiction exo scenarios exo series exo school au exo scenario exo fanfic exo fics exo fluff exo fic exo angst exo au kpop kpop scenarios kpop fanfiction areyouo-kpop? Billy had come over to watch a movie and knock back a couple of beers.

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Aria. Age: 28.
tumblr naughty teen

Cause that sounds a lot like them haha.

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Ivy. Age: 30.
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Leave it to Steve to pressure him into waking you up. He and Billy had been dancing around, whatever this was, for ages now. I have chosen to mostly celebrate the naughty aspect of my interest for Zen here, but that interest is definitely borne of the traits I described above

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