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OCs , my ocs , piccrew , and one art , i love my ocs , dumb boys , original character. I told my friend that I drew it and they were shook too because my sketches were always off proportion. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern design and the best experience. Bio: The middle child of triplets, he felt like he had to become a hero of the sorts in order to help out around the household. I want to add a second panel maybe where they kiss or something, but this might be the extent of my skills for now.

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A leftover sale is live for those still hoping to nab a zine, merch, or both!

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Get yourself a man who can offer his heart. In just over a month it sold over 30, copies in its third edition, and became the best selling book in Brazil. And that light is you… My full zine piece for luminescence-zine!

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