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worlds smallest vigina
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By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Twice the darkness In rare cases women are born with two vaginas, which, one presumes, would make them twice as annoying. Stop worrying about good and bad Please refer to his blog for HD videos and Pictures from different paid porn sites updated one off course. Eastern religions seem generally more cunt-friendly than those in the vadge-hating West. I thought it was a fire extinguisher The Hite Report…uh…reported that the phallic object used most often by female masturbators is the candle. Women with naturally dry pussies tend to enjoy speaking truth to power and blogging.

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A full bush can also retain vaginal odors that some men find enticing.

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Other women are born with little dents in the pubic area rather than fully developed vaginas. In , Sir Edward Home described a native woman in the West Indies whose clitoris, when aroused, was three inches long and thicker than a thumb. Extensive surgery, lubrication, and patience can help ameliorate this problem.

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