Babys that are breast fed

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How long to continue breastfeeding for is a personal decision for each family to make. The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding i. Read here about what breastfeeding provides at the different ages and stages of your baby's life.

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For infants born in83 percent of parental respondents [2] reported ever breastfeeding, 55 percent reported still breastfeeding at six months, and 34 percent reported breastfeeding at 12 months. These figures reflect growing proportions of infants who are breastfed. For babies born from tothe proportion of infants who continued to be breastfed at twelve months more than doubled from 16 to 34 percent ; the proportion who were breastfed at six months increased by 62 percent from 34 to 55 percent ; and the proportion who were ever breastfed increased by 17 percent from 71 to 83 percent appendices 1 to 3.

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An estimated 78 million babies — or three in five — are not breastfed within the first hour of life, putting them at higher risk of death and disease and making them less likely to continue breastfeeding, say UNICEF and WHO in a new report. Most of these babies are born in low- and middle-income countries. The report notes that newborns who breastfeed in the first hour of life are significantly more likely to survive.

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Breast milk provides abundant and easily absorbed nutritional components, antioxidants, enzymes, immune properties, and live antibodies from mother. These antibodies enter her milk to help protect her baby from illness. Breast milk also contains substances that naturally soothe infants.

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Breast milk is the best food you can offer your new baby. The Canadian Paediatric Society recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life. At about 6 months, your baby will be ready for other foodsbut you can continue breastfeeding as long as it is comfortable for you and your baby, even well into the toddler years.

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Most healthy newborns are ready to breastfeed within the first hour after birth. Holding your baby directly against your bare skin called "skin-to-skin" contact right after birth helps encourage him or her to start breastfeeding. You also should ask about "rooming in," which means having your baby stay in your room with you instead of in the hospital nursery.

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However, many mothers need practical support with positioning their baby for breastfeeding and making sure their baby is correctly attached to the breast. Breastfeeding takes time and practice for both mothers and babies. Breastfeeding is also time intensive, so mothers need space and support at home and work.

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Want to feel fabulous this fall? We've got great deals on all of the fashionable and fresh items just for you! Babies who are breastfed for at least a year grow up to be significantly more intelligent as adults and they earn more money, too, a new study shows.

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If breastfeeding were scaled up to near universal levels, about child lives would be saved every year 1. WHO actively promotes breastfeeding as the best source of nourishment for infants and young children. This fact file explores the many benefits of the practice, and how strong support to mothers can increase breastfeeding worldwide.

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Choosing whether to breastfeed or formula feed their baby is one of the biggest decisions expectant and new parents will make. Healt experts believe breast milk is the best nutritional choice for infants. But breastfeeding may not be possible for all women. For many, the decision to breastfeed or formula feed is based on their comfort level, lifestyle, and specific medical situations.


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