Cats reach sexual maturity

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What are some of the signs that your precious kitten has reached sexual maturity? Read on for the signs to look out for! Female cats typically reach maturity around 6 months of age, but some breeds can have their first heat cycle as early as 4 months.

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Customer Service for Subscribers. Here's what you need to know about cats in heat. The symptoms of cats in heat can try the patience of even the most loving pet owners, which is why veterinarians recommend having female cats spayed before the first heat cycle occurs.

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August 02, 1 Comment. Did you know that one of the most common reasons why domesticated male cats get neutered is because of spraying behavior? Getting a new kitten can be a thrilling experience but, as you take your new kitty home, there are a lot of things you need to consider like whether or not you should neuter your kitten.

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Forum for russian-speaking immigrants. Cats will continue to play throughout their lives, but the frenetic energy of kittenhood gradually yields to a considerably more mellow, routine pace. Like adolescent humans, cats continue to grow and develop through to adulthood, becoming sexually and intellectually more mature along the way. Because domestic cats are provided with food and shelter and usually are spayed or neutered while kittens, an artificial environment is created for them, a perpetual kittenhood of sorts.

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Are fears of negative side effects of early neutering warranted? Background and medical issues including a summary of an ongoing Winn Foundation funded project to evaluate the long term effects of early altering. Developmental and Behavioral Effects of Prepubertal Gonadectomy.

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Cats, in particular, go through many phases that include changes in growth and behavior. From kitten to geriatric cat, it is important to note these developmental changes in order to provide the best health and nutritional needs for all of their life stages. At this stage, they are the most curious and playful.

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Domestication has greatly altered the sexuality of animals, although probably less for dogs and cats than for other species. Sexual behavior is generally intensified and controlled so desired matings can be achieved, particularly in livestock species. Humans have selectively bred dogs for behavioral traits, like scent-tracking ability, or physical characteristics, like short noses or skin wrinkles.

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From around the age of 4 months, kittens reach sexual maturity and are therefore capable of breeding and producing kittens themselves. Most people do not have the time or desire to breed from their cat and do not wish to add to the number of unwanted cats and kittens already looking for homes. Neutering a cat — castration in the male removal of the testesand spaying the female removal of the ovaries and uterus — not only prevents unwanted pregnancies occurring, but also curbs unwanted behavioural patterns associated with sexual maturity and reduces the risk of certain diseases. Kittens, especially young kittens, can be hard to sex, and therefore, mistakes are often made.

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When you first bring a tiny, fuzzy young kitten home to your care, the notion of him becoming sexually mature seems a million years away. One day though, felines hit adolescence in what often feels like the blink of an eye. Be prepared to deal with the "consequences" of a hormonal cat.

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Customer Service for Subscribers. To educate people, I begin with kittens, since they are what started it all in the first place for me! Yes, kittens, those irresistibly adorable balls of fur, which melt our hearts with their playful antics and sweet and precious little faces. Did you know, however, that these darlings are actually powerful procreating machines who can sexually mature as early as four months?


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