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From how to have sex dreams to how to have sex, Google gave Teen Vogue a list of the top-searched questions about sex and sexual health using Google data from Next, we matched the top questions with our top resources. Trust us, we feel your sexual health Google struggles.

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D o cold sores mean herpes? Is cybersex really cheating? Get answers to questions women are often too embarrassed to discuss

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Your privacy is important to us. We have updated our privacy policy to better explain how we use data on this site. Read it here.

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Do you have to be a certain age to have sex? When I was 12, my friends were having sex but I always wondered how they bought condoms. None of these behaviours are OK unless the people involved consent to it, no matter how old or young they are.

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RSS Feed. Real Talk with Dr. Offutt, a Teen Health Resource.

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Many of us still feel uncomfortable visiting the doctor with a sensitive issue - even though they are trained health professionals. For Sexual Health Weekwe thought we'd give some of our readers a chance to anonymously send in the questions that they felt uncomfortable asking their own doctor. Dr Pixie says: "No!

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Generally speaking, discussing what happens in our bedrooms outside of the bedroom can be anxiety-provoking. Why is this important? Whether or not you have come out in general, doing so with your doctor may prove critical in managing your health.

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Technically, no — the time a woman is fertile is mostly limited to a few days each month in the middle of the menstrual cycle, meaning about two weeks from when she started her last period. That said, women may have bleeding during their cycle that is not a true period. This comes easily for some women and not so easily for others. We live in a culture where women are often more comfortable with romantic thoughts and less so with sexual thoughts that may be more effective in leading to arousal and orgasm.

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We believe it should not take days to consult a Doctor. DoctorSpring's Sexology consultations are fastest way to ask a Board-certified Sexologist. Detailed, timely replies.

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Asking questions about your sexual health can be a little uncomfortable at times, that is why your doctor should be someone that you have full trust in. There is so much advice that your doctor can give when you open up communication, whether that be pain during sex, lack of sexual drive, or finding a contraceptive that works best for your sex life. Below is a list of questions that you can ask your doctor to receive non-judgemental, straightforward answers that will provide you important information about your sexual health. Where should I go for this?


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