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Are you having anal sex? Because it turns out quite a few of us are game for butt stuff. I've long said that all guys should try it at least once, because the guys I've been with who are into butt stuff really love itbut even sans prostate it can be a pretty great time.

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Main Ancient Medieval Modern. The following is a paper written in I would change some, perhaps many of the conclusions, and certainly the theoretical approach.

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This study examines the prevalence of vaginal, oral, and anal inter-course among a population of urban, public middle school students, the characteristics of early sexual initiators, and the sequence of sexual initiation. Such data are limited for early adolescents. A total of seventh-grade students

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Because men who have sex with men MSM are disproportionately affected by HIV, understanding how risky sexual behaviors change as MSM age is an important aspect of the epidemiology in this population. Due in part of ageism and homophobia, older MSM remain a marginal population in which HIV levels and sexual risk factors are less well known [ 2 ]. Contrary to the general belief that older MSM are not sexually active and are therefore not at risk for HIV, converging lines of research and data show otherwise.

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This is Part 1 of a two-part series on anal sex. For Part 2, click here. As patient educatorswe see female patients in our Program in Integrative Sexual Medicine clinic who want to know more about anal sex.

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With all due respect to Salt-N-Pepa, let's talk about Todd. Todd not his real name is a friend of a friend. He's a rare breed—a finance guy who lives in L.

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Source: Image: Shutterstock. The Irish Study of Sexual Health and Relationships asked people about the last time they had various types of sex, and got some really interesting answers. First off, among heterosexuals vaginal intercourse is easily the most common.

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Never mind those fantasies of wild Parisian nights, those dime store novels, that Hollywood fondness for the Moulin Rouge. Never mind, for that matter, the bravado of the French themselves: all that disdainful sniffing and snorting at American prudery. Or at least that is the finding of researchers who compared sexual behavior on each side of the Atlantic.

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Before we plunge in, I'd like to be completely clear on one thing: I am a big believer that we should all do whatever we want to do in bed. Have your threesome. Hell, have your twelvesome.

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What a journey our attitudes towards anal sex have taken over the last few years. From Drake and the butt-eating conundrum, to scientific celebrations of big bootiesto pegging on Broad Cityto twerkingto Kim Kardashian's epic shiny rump on the cover of Paper Magazineit's no question that all things ass-related have taken on a mainstream edge. Pop-culture acolytes proclaimed the "Year of the Booty," which heralded a deluge of think pieces about the portrayal of butt sex on mainstream television shows like The Mindy Project and articles assessing the erotic potential of the anus. It's now ascended to a cushy place in pop culture where it's become much less shocking to talk about and engage in the act of anal sex.


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