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Asian women are known all over the world for being ideal spouses. These women are exceptionally tender, charming and ready to stick to traditional roles in the marriage. No wonder foreigners are drawn to Asians because of their faithfulness, respect towards a partner and, of course, affection.

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Perfect asian model with fashion make-up and hairstyle. Beauty halloween style with black lips makeup. Catwalk visage.

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The woman in the photo above is 39 years old. Take a moment to process that. Now, who is this ageless beauty, and how can we all have what she's having?

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We all know that Chinese girls have specific ideals of female beauty, but do foreigners share these ideals? Western girls love to be tanned, Asian girls prefer white skin. These modern Chinese beauty standards reveal a certain fascination with the West, with more and more Chinese girls resorting to cosmetic surgery to create those double-fold eyelids. But do foreigners see the same features in Chinese girls?

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It happens to my mother almost every day -- people are constantly surprised when they find out she's 58 years old. They marvel at her shiny black hair, but mostly her skin. She simply has wonderful and extremely youthful-looking skin.

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She would be thin, of course, and her skin would be pale, unlined, babyish in its softness and porelessness. Her hair would be thick, shiny, black or dark brown, preferably straight, and certainly long. You would be able to paint her in just two swipes of gouache, a figure as unspecific as she is iconic: a knife-slash blade of ink for her torso, a brushstroke of black for her hair.

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Skin care technology in Korea and Asia in general general is about 12 years ahead of the States. There's was even a scene in the wildly popular Taiwanese drama, In Time With Youwhere the leading man romantically took of the heroine's makeup. Four minutes of rubbing oil all over the face, followed by two minutes of foaming cleanser, and rinsing with four minutes of water. Cleansing with oil before using face wash is known as double cleansing.

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Race in the Marketplace pp Cite as. Constructions of beauty are inherently racialized and also reflect the values of their particular contexts. In this chapter, we explore the racial basis and implications of the Pan-Asian beauty ideal.

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In Chinese contemporary popular culture, there are various aspects to the female beauty ideal. The emphasis that both Taoist and Confucian notions of female beauty place on the relationship between inner and outer beauty has influenced the creation of the Chinese female beauty ideal. To further see the history of this culture, as well as how these ideals came into place see Chinese Culture. Outer beauty was thought to represent virtuousness, talent, and other positive characteristics.


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