Weird asian fruit

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By Gregory Rodgers. Southeast Asia is home to many kinds of bizarre and delicious fruits. Be adventurous on your next trip to the market and try something new!

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When looking at the range of fruits available in the supermarket, you may think there is a lot to choose from. And actually, there is, but did you know that this range is only the tip of the fruit iceberg? Supermarkets and grocery stores these days are motivated to expand their collections of fruits as consumers become more knowledgeable.

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New foods and traveling go hand in hand with each other. Those type of people are scaredy-cat travelers — brave enough to travel but still fearful of trying anything new — and although they may feel safe and secure with their comfort foods, all they are doing in fact is making the rest of us look ignorant. Life starts just outside of your comfort zone…so go on, live life!

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You can use this list to alternate the fruits you eat and get better nourishment. The fruits are listed alphabetically! The dark green pulp with large white seeds is a popular decoration on food and made into sundaes and smoothies, and has a taste described as reminiscent of limes, cucumber, bananas and passion fruit, all at once!

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All rights reserved. When it comes to fruit, we Australians don't usually stray far from our bananas, apples and oranges. If we're feeling exotic, a golden kiwi fruit might get your vote but, really, we're pretty boring fruit eaters.

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One thing I miss about living in Asia is the fruit. Not all Asian fruits can be sourced here in the United States and the rarer types never taste as good after a long journey over the Pacific. If you happen to be headed to Asia, many of these delicious gems will appear in fruit bowls placed inside rooms at luxury hotels and, of course, be sold in a variety of street markets and grocers.

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South East Asia is blessed with a vast variety of exotic fruits. You can see here dragon fruit, rambutan, pomelo, mango, mangosteen, durian, jackfruit, guava and many other delicious and unique fruits. When bought in a season they can be ridiculously cheap.

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One of the most exciting aspects of travelling in Asia is trying a variety of wonderful and weird fruits that are available. The beloved durian is a treasured delicacy and one that is almost an icon for Southeast Asia itself. A distinct flavour, with a light creamy texture, the durian is undoubtedly an acquired taste. Many people who try the fruit for the first time are amazed by its unusual flavour, but in our opinion, the claims for it being the most disgusting fruit in the world are wildly exaggerated.

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From Southeast-Asia, Pomelos will be the greatest Citrus Fruit and also are now grown all over the world. Exotic Asian Fruits. Found in the mangroves of Singapore, Nipah palms from that which the seeds sprout are extremely versatile.

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Some of these fruits look like they came from another planet! These 10 fruits hould be on your must try list. Fruit is fun, fascinating, sometimes hilarious, and occasionally really, really dangerous.


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