Amazing world of gumball fanfic

amazing world of gumball fanfic
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He has a big ego and it is where he is most sensitive. She likes to inform Gumball that she is wrong and he is right. However, he has proven some degree of cleverness in other instances. When his mishaps get himself into a mess, he usually attempts to put them right with somewhat dimwitted ideas, which usually get him into even more trouble than before. No matter how his schemes turn out, his optimism stops him from learning his lesson. Gumball always idolizes him to earn his favor.

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Raelyn. Age: 28.
amazing world of gumball fanfic

Like Darwin, Gumball does not appear to acknowledge that he is being tricked, which may mean that he is too optimistic and to notice most negative things around him.

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Gumball Watterson

The two boys have a big imagination and like to get into all sorts of trouble they have to fix. Although Gumball will never admit it, he actually loves and admires his sister and knows that she is right about things most of the time. It is clear that Tobias did this to upset Gumball.

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