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What became of Kate Middleton's St Andrew's prep school pals? I honestly think it would give me my life back. A young mother who claims her size 36k breasts are ruining her life, has been turned down twice for a breast reduction operation on the NHS. People reveal the VERY creative ways they've solved everyday problems - including using She said: 'When I was pregnant they became freakishly big and now they just won't go down. They would look at me like I was a piece of dirt. I would shout back at them, 'I'm only 14,' but they didn't care.

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She says the added weight of pregnancy has caused them to start giving way, with a physiotherapist suggesting she may even need a double knee replacement op, despite being so young.

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I'd sit down and not be able to get back up again. At school I'd get called jugs, titsmagee, juggernauts, tits, slag and fat. Charli XCX shows off her incredible figure in a tiny string bikini at the beach in Sydney

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