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We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. When scientists injected the embryos with sperm, they grew into healthy mice which went on to produce their own litters. It also raises the possibility that a man could even fertilise his own cells to produce offspring containing a mixture of genes inherited from him and his parents. Three generations of mice have already been created using the technique and are fit and healthy and now researchers are planning to test out the theory using skin cells. Imagine that you could take skin cells and make embryos from them. It may also help women to continue having children later in life.

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The landmark experiment by the University of Bath rewrites years of biology teaching and could pave the way for a baby to be born from the DNA of two men.

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Remington. Age: 23.
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Motherless babies possible as scientists create live offspring without need for female egg

Dr Perry said that his team was planning to take the next step of attempting to produce live offspring from ordinary non-egg cells, such as skin cells. I think it is a very interesting paper, and a technical tour de force. Some of the mice went on to have offspring themselves, and a number had offspring that went on to have their own pups. Dr Tony Perry, University of Bath.

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