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With the lid back on it all became very dark for her. Now only having his feet sticking out, Po took a moment to take a deep breath. Looking to his side towards the door he stumbled back a little by the shock of what he saw. As they entered they saw no sights of Po. It was like trying to fight his way out through a pile of dough. I selfishly ate the dinner that was meant for all 7 of us. The only thing remaining in his belly was the water he had swallowed earlier, still leaving him with a very round and bloated water balloon of a belly.

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Then they would all charge at him, and beat him up.

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Just a predator looking for his meal. As he was making his way in Monkey was just trying to empty the pot of water, while keeping the noodles inside. Viper curled herself up to the counter next to the pot and stared at Po, waiting for some action.

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