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I've liked Richard since before I can remember, before I was 16 I think, and I kept emailing and emailing him to the point where I was probably annoying but still really flattering. I will direct you to a point and we will be speaking the entire time or you can just be on your phone. You mentioned that one of the girls was your Tinder match. I came home with 64 rolls of film. Why did you decide to only shoot film? I try, as much as I can, to just hang out. It can be completely detrimental, I could like none of the photos that I've taken and it might be a bust, but it's more what I wanted the photos to look like.

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You don't get that on Tumblr.

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Alice. Age: 32.
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Girl Explains Why She Won’t Send Nudes On Tinder, Guy Convinces Her Otherwise

And I still keep in contact with him. While photographing girls in their bedrooms has become a familiar trope in the past few years, Yaqub's images have a unique transparency — like windows into private, beautiful, and usually unobserved moments. But it was great to see how he handled models and how he set up a shot. I try, as much as I can, to just hang out.

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